Compassionate Care for All at Your Fingertips

Caring for hospice and palliative care patients requires that you honor and nurture their spiritual needs as they approach the end of their life. Hospice and palliative care chaplains are regularly called upon to assess the spiritual and existential needs of people of widely differing belief systems. Spiritual Care Resources puts compassionate care for all patients right at your fingertips. Our simple-to-use app offers:

  • The latest care practices from leading subject-matter-experts
  • Insightful care tips tailored to different beliefs
  • Easy access to healing and comforting prayers for all faiths

Spiritual Care Resources Empowers Hospice And Palliative Care Chaplains

Providing spiritual care and guidance to terminally-ill or critically-ill patients can be challenging and difficult. Spiritual Care Resources delivers exactly what you need to provide compassionate care for anyone. We designed our app as a solution to the challenges presented by an increasingly interconnected world, including the unique needs of: 1) hospice patients, who are no longer seeking treatment, and 2) palliative care patients, who are in need of ongoing supportive comfort care.

A Wealth of Resources with a Single Monthly Subscription

Our sole goal is to help you bring comfort to the suffering within your care. The app offers access to:

  • Important spiritual care tips delivered to your device 3 times each week
  • Curated content to educate, inform, and guide your efforts
  • Prayers of comfort and peace for various faith traditions
  • Customized information specific to hospice and palliative care chaplain needs
  • Information to help patients create healthy, daily spiritual rituals
  • Tools to help improve your patients’ quality of life
  • Tools to help support patients’ family members and friends

Easy Access to Important Features

Too often, hospice is seen as “the beginning of the end”, but a terminal diagnosis does not mean that death is imminent. Your patients may live for months, even years longer. At Spiritual Care Resources, we want to provide hospice chaplains with the features, tools, and content to provide patients with comfort and guidance throughout their journey.

Everything in One Place

Struggling to juggle notes, books, brochures, pull-outs, and all the rest, while physically being present with your patients? We understand. Spiritual Care Resources was designed to put all the information you need right at your fingertips. A single tap gives you access to prayers, spiritual care tips, expertly curated content, and more.