Better Care at Your Fingertips

Providing compassionate care and ministering to the suffering can be challenging. It might mean praying with a patient before surgery, helping a staff member cope with work stress, or educating staff and administration on the benefits of professional chaplains. The Spiritual Care Resources provides you with:

  • Important best practices for comfort and care of patients, family and staff.
  • Resources for delivering care to those of various beliefs and cultures.
  • Strategies for integrating spiritual care in practice.

The Help You Need to Provide the Best Spiritual Care Possible

As a healthcare chaplain, you may work in a hospital, outpatient center, or any variety of other contexts, and you provide care in an incredible wide range of situations. You care for families, patients, members of the interprofessional team, staff members, and so much more. Spiritual Care Resources is designed to give you the resources you need at the time you need them to provide compassionate care in any situation with easily searchable content that is updated continuously and easily accessible from a full range of devices. This means you get what you need, when you need it, from a reliable, curated list of available resources and evidence.

A Single Subscription, A World of Benefits

Spiritual Care Resources is specially designed to connect healthcare chaplains with tools and solutions that fit their needs. It offers:

  • Spiritual care tips (updated three times each week)
  • Information on how to be culturally sensitive with a full range of faiths and cultures.
  • The latest tools for assessment and documentation
  • Prayers and readings for a wide range of faiths.
  • Tools and talking points to educate other disciplines on providing spiritual care.
  • Strategies for successfully “getting to the table” and integrating spiritual care.
  • The latest tools for providing care to staff under stress.
  • Resources for your own self care.
  • The latest evidence and talking points for making the case for chaplaincy.

The Features You Need with No Waiting

Hospitals and other health care facilities are places of medicine and physical care. However, human beings are spiritual and emotional as well as physical beings. Healthcare chaplains provide the compassionate care and spiritual support required in many demanding situations. Whether caring for patients before or after a procedure, supporting new residents in a nursing home or helping staff come to grips with a tragedy, healthcare chaplains must be adaptable and able to deliver care in demanding situations and with increasing diverse populations. You are likely expected to be able to provide respectful and appropriate care to people of any belief system or culture and help other staff and the institution do the same.

One-Touch Simplicity

Ministering within a hospital, clinic, or long term care facility can be incredibly challenging. Not only are you required to care for people of all different faiths, but carrying books, information, and notes around is difficult at best (and impossible at worst). Our app was designed to provide you with one-touch access to prayers, guidance, and other information for all faiths, enabling you to provide better care and compassionate healing for anyone to whom you may need to minister. With just the touch of a finger, you can provide compassion and healing.