Enabling Immediate Care for All

First Responder Chaplains’ primary responsibility is taking care of First Responders (Police, Firefighters, EMS/Paramedics). The skills and knowledge to know what to say and what not to say on ride-alongs, roll calls, firehouse visits can be overwhelming. First Responder Chaplaincy is as much an art as it is a science. To become a trained First Responder Chaplain takes knowledge and knowing where to look for training. To become an effective First Responder Chaplain in the field takes experience using your knowledge in the field with First Responders. Spiritual Care Resources is designed to connect you with:

  • A list of training opportunities along best practices from leading First Responder and First Responder Chaplain experts
  • A wide range of resources (white papers, peer submitted articles, best practices) on building and maintaining relationships with First Responders
  • A platform to connect with any First Responder Chaplain, regardless of their credentialing organization affiliation or geographical location.

Spiritual Care Resources Augments Your Abilities

First Responder Chaplains often have the secondary responsibility of assisting First Responders with surviving family members of homicides, suicides, mass shootings, traffic fatalities, and more. First Responder Chaplains must care not just for family members of victims, but friends, bystanders, witnesses, and other first responders/law enforcement. The Spiritual Care Resources app provides a cohesive solution to meet those needs including:

One Subscription, A World of Features

The Spiritual Care Resources app delivers key capabilities to support your efforts in caring for the suffering. It provides access to:

  • Brand new spiritual care tips 3 times per week
  • One Page Summary – Top 18 World Religions – this is where the app “Disasters and Religions” covers somewhat well.  But they only cover 10 or 11 faiths and don’t consider Catholics who are other than Roman (i.e. Old Catholic, Independent Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, Coptic, Russian Orthodox, etc.)
  • Crisis Intervention tools for Suicidal individuals, Mass Shooting, Active Shooter, CBRNE Checklist (HAZMAT procedures for Chaplains)
  • Tools usable in a wide range of situations/events including Critical Incident Stress Debrief (ICISF), Defusing, Safer-R Model (one on one debrief), Critical Mass Briefings, and more

Direct Access to Critical Features

Whether it is a natural disaster, an accident, or another type of emergency situation, the immediate focus is providing medical care for those involved. However, the emotional and spiritual needs of those affected cannot be neglected. Often, first responder chaplains must be able to navigate chaotic scenes while providing comfort, care, healing, and spiritual guidance to the injured, the dying, the bereaved, and those in shock. Often, those individuals are of many different faiths, further complicating the situation.

It’s as Simple as 1-2-3

Ministering to the suffering at an accident scene or in the aftermath of a natural disaster makes it impossible to carry books, notes, and other information with you. However, without those important tools, your ability to provide compassionate care is limited. Our app takes the place of those other resources, providing you with immediate access to critical content, all designed with the unique needs of first responder chaplains in mind. It’s as easy as one-two-three – you get access to spiritual care information, curated content, prayers for ALL faiths, and much more.