Better Care at Your Fingertips

Providing compassionate care and ministering to the suffering can be challenging. FCNs who practice wholistic health for self, individuals and the community using nursing knowledge combined with spiritual care whether in paid or unpaid positions, can benefit from the resources available through this app:

  • Important best practices for comfort and care of patients, family and staff.
  • Resources for delivering care to those of various beliefs and cultures.
  • Strategies for integrating spiritual care in practice.

A Single Subscription, A World of Benefits

Spiritual Care Resources is specially designed to connect FCNs with tools and solutions that fit their needs. It offers:

  • Spiritual care tips (updated three times each week)
  • Information on how to be culturally sensitive with a full range of faiths and cultures.
  • The latest tools for assessment and documentation
  • Prayers and readings for a wide range of faiths.
  • Tools and talking points to educate other disciplines on providing spiritual care.
  • Strategies for successfully “getting to the table” and integrating spiritual care.
  • The latest tools for providing care to staff under stress.
  • Resources for your own self care.

Faith Community Nurses: A Short Discussion for Faith Communities about the Benefits Health Ministry Provides

Do you need a tool to introduce the specialty practice of faith community nursing to your faith community? Would you like to know more about faith community nursing and how health ministry works in communities of faith? Then this short webinar created by experts is for you! Faith Community Nurses: A Short Discussion for Faith Communities about the Benefits Health Ministry Provides is a short nine-minute presentation that describes the role of faith community nurses and the benefits they bring to communities of faith. This webinar is free and we encourage you to share this educational resource with other nurses and communities of faith. A downloadable handout is also available for your use. Click here to access the webinar.

One-Touch Simplicity

Ministering within a hospital, clinic, or long term care facility can be incredibly challenging. Not only are you required to care for people of all different faiths, but carrying books, information, and notes around is difficult at best (and impossible at worst). Our app was designed to provide you with one-touch access to prayers, guidance, and other information for all faiths, enabling you to provide better care and compassionate healing for anyone to whom you may need to minister. With just the touch of a finger, you can provide compassion and healing.